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the rumour's spreading round that she cooks in the nude

her tattoo's always hidden by her underwear

a weirdo with no name
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Anything you need to know about the owner of this journal:

  • female
  • nineteen
  • artist
  • student
  • bisexual
  • actor
  • shakespeare freak
  • roleplayer/fanfic author
  • pantheist/Pagan
  • Seattleite
  • snake mommy

Anything else should be self-explanatory.


Sylar mood theme by ninnui.


Spohali is possessing of too many equivalencies for this utter, total, complete love.
(♥ the Wanderer)

Best emo band in the world, bitch.

The Hades siblings are evil dysfunctional violent sexxy snarky confidence and love
(Especially concerning lyotto)

The Tams are genius far-reaching law-defying brave psychic normal broken brother-sister love.

Best friends are love.

Rika/Heathre is love that defies proper description.
(I love my girlfriend, have I mentioned? ♥)

Joffy/Rhad is ridiculously enthusiastic love.

Aria/Rurik is old-fashioned sweetly sadistic love.

The Sex Brigade is awesome criminally hot melty sex and love.

Dio, Arcadio, and Cooper are oddly creative family-issue'd sleep-deprived love.

Arcadio and Cooper are squishy, weird-conversation-having love.
Still ♥ lyotto
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