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Waking up with pants off at four in the afternoon.

I think I'm a little late to vote in the Washington caucus today, but I'm feeling so sick I don't think it really matters. I did have an interesting conversation with her when I was semi-conscious at around 1:00 this afternoon: "I brought you some milk! Should I just leave it here?" "Mnngh." "Are you still feeling sick?" "Mmmm." "I'm going to the caucus soon. Do you want to come?" "Mmmm!" "Should I vote for Obama or Hillary?" "Obama."

Apart from that, I got guilted into staying at work yesterday when I almost threw up and I was apparently running a fever. I knew I needed a day off... I didn't think I'd be spending it sleeping, though. I've still got a headache and feel very weak, but no nausea. Still reeling a bit, I think it's a migraine. I'm going to try a bath and some painkillers. If that doesn't work, I'm going to sit up and cuddle my snake for a while, because at least she will appreciate how warm my skin is.

Ow, my head. I think it's bathtime.
Tags: i think i'm sick and i wanna go home

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