March 17th, 2008

DLM: Mason's death

I'm a loser and drug user, so I don't need no accuser to try and slag me down...

Thanks to everyone who held on without getting a proper introduction post. Hi, guys! My life's been a bit, uh, weird the last couple of days. Not that it isn't usually, but the kind of weird that doesn't steer me towards updating.

At any rate, I'm Marika, I'm 19, and I'm a college dropout/theater student, writer, poet, tentative musician of some sort, and Shakespeare fanatic. I like a variety of folk, punk, and alternative bands; I also like opera and classical music, and my fandoms are usually the more clever and entertaining TV shows (Firefly, Heroes, Dead Like Me) or especially fun books (Brite, Fforde, and dare I admit Rowling?). My favorite living author is David Sedaris, and my two vices are coffee and beer. I literally just quit my job as a telemarketer this morning, because a) I want to spend more time doing what I actually want to do, and b) I want a job that doesn't tire me out and require me to accost people at home. I tend to tag my posts with lyrics from songs and quotes from books, TV shows, and plays. If you want a better mental image of me, here is a picture of me with a snake on my head. (And no matter what anyone says, I'm not scary! Just a little weird.)

So at any rate! I'm newly unemployed. I also just bought a $45 used bass, which I cannot play. Do I look like a college dropout yet? (Not especially, as part of the reason I quit work was so I can concentrate on going back to classes at the community college-- stupid basic requirements that I might as well get out of the way anyway, nrargh nrargh nrargh). The other reasons are that I need to job-hunt, and being stranded in the morning and at work in the afternoon and evening doesn't make that too possible.

There's also the audition for the theatre department of my dream school, which I hope to spend the week preparing. The process involves the memorization of two monologues (one they give me, another that I choose) and 16 bars of a song. The monologues won't be too difficult, I don't think-- I basically just need to practice, but jiasachan gave me one that I think I might do, or I might just wade through a few of my plays to find something I like. The song's giving me trouble-- the purpose of it is more to see how well the actor can "instinctually" act something that's not usually done in a play. Therefore, the school's acting for a verse and a chorus of a song wherein the songwriter/singer wants and is working for something. It's getting hard to pick something-- one suggestion was "There is Life Outside Your Apartment" from Avenue Q, and another was "I'm So Tired," by the Beatles, but I'm not sure if either of those is quite what I'm looking for. Anyone have any suggestions? I know my flist is good with music...

And happy St. Patrick's Day, even though I'll admit that this is a holiday I've never quite understood. It's also happy my-dad's-60th-birthday, and I'm going to have to write him a poem before he gets home from work tonight.