February 18th, 2008

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Oh, you're tender, your name's a whisper.

Spending a weekend amongst abandoned army forts is more restful than you’d think. I read Asterix comics, slept more than I have in weeks, played vastly underrated card games, and helped small children use the toilets. I also got into tattoo-related arguments with my semi-cousin (she says that artists prefer to design entirely on their own; I said that customer-designed tattoos are perfectly acceptable and usually done without complaint, case in point my own), had a tragically interrupted dream about hanging out with My Chemical Romance, and renounced entirely my habit of smoking occasionally if or when someone gives me a cigarette. This made my mother so happy that she bought me a cunning hat and also said something about dogs. Yes, I say, yes.

Speaking of buying things, yesterday we went to Port Townsend, which is one of my favorite towns in this state. It’s tiny and artsy, rows and rows of art galleries and specialty stores on four or five blocks, and I bought a good amount of presents for people, as well as a few animals. Amazingly, I still have money left over! Me! Who’d’ve known?

Anyway, less pleasant subjects. Because we sell entirely to companies that are closed today and individuals who are not able to be reached today, my work is open on holidays and requires my presence. Poxes upon you, Owner of Company! Poxes, I say. Still, it’s money, I suppose, although I’d much rather veg out at home. At least I get to go hang out at my friend Megan’s house for a few hours tonight. We’ve got a very ambitious plan for the night: sit on the couch and watch a few episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus while making immature commentary. It’ll be awesome.

Related to absolutely nothing, I’ve been considering a piercing I said I’d never get and don’t usually even like: would it be overkill or flattering if I got a nostril piercing? Just a little stud on the side. I’m not entirely sure why I’m considering it, but I can’t get the idea out of my head. There’s also my “must get another tattoo soon!” urge, but that’s much easier to suppress-- after all, tattoos are so much easier to fuck up.

One more thing before I run out! gandsgirl, watch this! I think you know some of the songs at the end-- and I kind of want to make a playlist of all of them.