February 6th, 2008

DLM: my work is such bullshit

And as it tells its sorry tale in harrowing detail, its hollowness will haunt you.

Pro-con recap of my day.

-had to go to work.
-accident at my bus stop, so it was crawling with police.
+saw a guy who looked exactly like peridium's character Dio today. The only differences were smaller stature and a slightly shorter haircut. He nodded at me in the hall at work.
-saw a guy who looked exactly like rhombal's character Ciaran today. He met my eyes, buffed his nails against his shirt, and gave me a small smile. Scary.
+six sales!
-spread out over a period of seven hours.
+have begun to form a friendship with Matt, one of my coworkers, who reminds me somewhat of an atheistic, hedonistic version of my brother.
-everyone thinks we're dating, apparently.
-the bus was ten minutes late, and I stood in the rain for half an hour
-it snowed on the way home
-Mom revoked her permission to get a dog, stating that she'd never given it in the first place. Ugh. This is the third time she's done this in a week and a half. "Yes" or "no" should not be this difficult.
-I'm out of (spending) money, and payday next week feels like years away.
+once payday does come, I'll be able to get out of my little financial crisis and just have money, because for the first time since September I won't be in debt.
+I have tomato soup for dinner.

Bearable, but... I'm certainly glad that I get an entire weekend off this time around.