January 31st, 2008

Monty Python: Fooling myself

And Father had had such hopes for a son who would take the ropes.

Things are looking up, a bit.

Okay, so I had a pretty awful day at work (one sale, and I took a number tonight because, screw professionality, I'm pretty sure that anyone who screams threats and obscenities at a telemarketer in front of their small child who answered the phone deserves an annoying anonymous phone call at 3 AM), and the company has a policy of, uh, stiffing me on my pay lately, but it evened out pretty well.

First, one thing I might not have mentioned, I'm looking to move out. I'm checking out subsidized housing near my work and I am really looking forward to getting out of this house. My mom turned to me today and said "I think it'd be a good idea if you took some classes at the community college-- you know, so you'd stay on our insurance plan and so you won't get rusty, and your dad and I have decided that if you're in school, we'll help with your housing if you want to move out."

If I want to?

I ran through the possibilities in my head, did some financial calculation, and realized that if I moved out into an appropriate apartment and still had my parents helping with my finances, I'd have enough money to get a dog-- and pretty soon. This means I might be able to adopt one of the puppies I've been looking at for ages.

When I'd thought about it for a while and I said it might be more practical for me to get a car, Mom said "Oh, Dad and I have been thinking about getting a new car sometime within the next few months." I should probably explain that there's most likely no one in this state who wants my dad's current car, except for me. And guess who's first in line to assume ownership once Dad upgrades?

And, also, there was that whole Decemberists concert I went to tonight. That was pretty cool, too-- Colin is a goofball onstage, did anyone know? He kept trying to rock-and-roll style kicks at the ends of the songs. The whole group is down-to-earth and rather silly, they tried to arrange an impromptu walking tour of Seattle.

My favorite moment of the concert was when they were playing one of the songs about killing that I don't know (why didn't anyone tell me "Culling of the Fold" existed?), and Colin grabbed a cell phone from one of the people on the floor, scrolled through the numbers, and placed a call-- then growled "Better cut him up, boy, and cut him up, girl!" into the phone. The rolling around during "I Was Meant for the Stage" was also epic, and the fuckup during "The Engine Driver" was great, too. Colin accidentally started singing the same verse twice: "I'm a coun-- wait, no. I'm a money len-deeeer..." Or possibly the part where (apparently) everyone's instruments malfunctioned and Colin saved the moment by crowdsurfing, or the part during "The Chimbley Sweep" where he made everyone pogo.

Okay, maybe the pogoing wins it, because I don't care what anyone says, there has never been a better dance move than pogoing.

Mom agreed that I needed to get a Decemberists lyrics tattoo afterwards. Considering that this is my mother, I think this is the mark both of a good concert and of the beginning of something lovely.