January 27th, 2008

Heroes: am concentrating shh

Okay, I think I have a real reason to be angry right now.

Today we're holding a goodbye party for our pastor, who is heading out to another church. I'm friends with her, so I'm definitely interested in going-- I'm going to miss her, and I won't see her for at least a year after today.

Dad announced this morning that we were leaving at 11:30. Note the time, as I post this. At 11:26, he announced he was 10 minutes late and tore down the driveway without even waiting for me to put on my shoes, despite the fact that I was entirely prepared to go except for that. Mom's already there, and no one else who attends the church lives within a five- or ten-mile radius of us, so I'm stuck.

Thanks, Dad. Really appreciate your patience.