January 22nd, 2008

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All my bitching and whining last week about having done nothing except work is kind of pacified, now. Life seems a little more bearable now that I've gotten some sleep, gotten out of the house a bit, and done some things. Amazingly, I feel better bleeding out the nether-regions than I did scot-free.

Julius Caesar was interesting-- I ran into Kelly, one of my acting teachers, who is playing Portia, and also Anne, whom I haven't seen since the days of Short Shakes. I work close to where she lives now, so we've made plans to get coffee together at some indefinite point in the future. The play itself was interesting, Julius Caesar set in Japan with a heavy martial arts setting. The setting worked well, I think (it's a bit of a theme for conceptual Seattle Shakespeare, has anyone noticed that?), although I think their random inclusion of Shakespeare's sonnets in the play didn't add a thing. The acting was, on the whole, a little weaker than I'd hoped but not bad at all. Hana Lass played Cassius, which I didn't expect at all. I'm no stranger to cross-gendering but I was surprised that they selected a tiny little Asian woman in her twenties to play that role, as opposed to a middle-aged actor-- maybe Amy Thone? Anyway, it was fun to see if just for the setting, which was awesome, and their use of their stage was cool. Even if the digital effects were rather silly.

After that, I spent what might be the strangest night ever with my dad; I went to meet a few of his former students, a drop-out/transfer and a recent graduate, both classicists, and drop-out/transfer's girlfriend, a very cool Pagan bellydancer. That would've been fairly normal, were it not for the fact that we were all drinking Jack Daniels (they were amused by my attempts).

Sunday Mom and I went to see Juno. The movie was great-- I wasn't expecting to cry at the end, but this seems to have become business as usual when I watch comedies. Plus, hey, movie about pregnancy and adoption is going to tug on the heartstrings a bit, especially if I see it with Mom. Ellen Page's character and narration were awesome, as were Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons as Juno's stepmom and father ("Can someone get my kid the damn spinal tap?"). Would watch it again, definitely, albeit possibly not with my mom.

I went to my friend Kristen's birthday party after work yesterday and ended up making a public ass of myself. "There's something on my lip!" I complained loudly after drinking out of a glass bottle, and began scrubbing at my mouth. "Jeez, I can't get it off!" Then I realized that it was the top of my lip barbell. Nice, me.

Other than that, not all that much is new. I'll work until late tonight again, and I ended up getting half a day off because of a dental appointment. May end up going to a friend's house tonight, may end up coming home and sleeping in my nice soft cozy bed. Really the only thing of note lately is that I've been composing more bad poetry, and after I tried playing my friend's guitar last night I realized that I really am way more comfortable playing the harp (I believe my exact words were "It just doesn't feel right when you're not plucking it upright!"). There are other things-- I've got this burning desire to set a phone date with one or two of my friends and my girlfriend and make sure we spend about two hours talking to each other this week, because lately we haven't gotten to talk at all-- but 's about it. Life's not exciting but at least something's happening in it.

Also, Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger? Wow. It's not been a good week for 25-year-old actors.

ETA: lyotto! This is the best stupid TV show ever. Garth Merenghi's Darkplace, a faux-80s "omgserious" comedy TV show and possibly the worst horror ever put on film. It's so bad, I thought you would love it. Some of the full episodes are available on YouTube, but this is the first part of episode one. curtana posted this earlier today, but my friend pointed me to it earlier this week. Basically, it's like this the entire way through. You'll either love it or hate it.