January 18th, 2008

DLM: my work is such bullshit

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So for those of you who aren't aware, my life's taken a turn for the more solitary graveyard-shiftish; I'm now working 1:30-8:45 every night. I hate this shift, because it goes on forever and it's really annoying (stand by for tales of the guy working behind me who won't shut up about nuclear holocaust to the customers), but I do admittedly make a ton more money on it than I did on the day shift.

I've been doing almost nothing but arguing with my parents when I see her. It's over stuff that she really shouldn't worry about too much (I spent a little more money than I meant to; now she wants to look up my bank account history to set everything right and tell me what I needn't buy), and I'm mildly astonished that the possibility of me moving out affordably and safely came up and she's trying to stop me from taking the chance because it'd mean I'd share an apartment with a male.

Been literally doing nothing but working lately; sleeping's on there, too. Last night I kicked back a little and watched Scotland, PA. Gotta say, I'm not sure why they subscribed to the "Macbeth and his Lady are all over each other like a couple of horny teenagers" line of characterization (where is the textual support for that interpretation? it's everywhere), but the witches made the movie.

I do get to kick back a little today; I get to write porn (hooray!), and I get to go see Julius Caesar with my dad (hooray!), and I only have to work one shift! (Hooray!)