January 4th, 2008

Me: Psychedelic default icon

*liadsjflajf bandom geekout*

We've got company coming over for dinner in a matter of minutes, so I don't have time to stick around, but I have to write about this, it's like the defining moment in my teenage life my professional life this January. Work this week has been gruelling. Veritably no sales to speak of (I think I've gotten less than ten total, whereas expected quota is around ten a day), and so much trouble getting through to anyone.

This morning I rushed out of bed ten minutes before my bus arrived and was already burnt-out and completely dead by the time I got in to my desk. To make matters worse, we were pitching magazines I'd never managed to sell, both because the people on the other end of the line are rather bitchy and because no one's in due to it still being the "holidays". I was calling fucking airports all morning, and everyone knows that airports are the bane of all convenience. After that we moved on to calling recording studios. Everyone I called either was annoyed with me for calling, or out-- or somehow took offense to the name of my company (I really don't see how a mountainous geographical feature is offensive, but hey). I was a little worn down.

Then a new customer information page flickered onto my screen, and as I read the name on it, my tired eyes opened wide:


omgomgomgomg i got fueled by ramen on the phone! (Yes, I wrote down and saved the number, shhh.) Immediately I sat upright in my chair, feeling the previously-unnoticed effects of those three or four cups of coffee I'd drank, and smiled like a loon for the next two hours.

Honestly, the way I reacted, you'd think I'd called Pete Wentz's Sidekick itself.